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Cycles Predictor Indicator

cycles predictor indicator

This indicator uses past market cycles to predict future price movements. The predictions are drawn as vertical lines on the right side of the chart where the market has not advanced to yet. A prediction will many times result in the type of candle (ex. bull or bear) and/or a reversal point (ex. bottom or top) forming at this exact time. The lines are drawn well in advance which makes this a unique indicator.


  • The indicator does not repaint, move, or delete lines! It also does not lag because the lines are drawn many bars in advance.
  • It can be used for Forex trading and possibly for binary options trading.
  • There is no need to constantly watch the chart since all lines are drawn ahead of time and the future times are clearly marked.

  • Strength_Factor
    This controls the reliability and the number of predictions. The higher the number, the more reliable the future lines will be but the fewer lines will be drawn. And vice versa for a lower setting.
  • Lookback_Candles
    This controls the number of past candles that the indicator will consider when looking for past cycles. The higher the number, the more cycles will be used and greater is the chance that future lines will be drawn, but the slower the indicator will be. And vice versa for a lower setting.
  • Buy_Line_Color
    This setting controls the color of the bullish vertical line drawn by the indicator.
  • Sell_Line_Color
    This setting controls the color of the bearish vertical line drawn by the indicator.



  • The official forum to post your comments, questions, concerns, or bug reports about the Cycles Predictor Indicator can be found at Forex Zone Forum.

  • The current version is v1.10. Updates will be made based on customer feedback.
  • Purchase this indicator and get a 50% discount off another product of your choice!
  • If you would like to pay with another method other than Paypal, just let us know. We accept many forms of payment
  • Payment is a one-time fee. You pay once and you are done.
  • All orders are processed manually. Expect delivery within 12 hours after payment is received.
  • Your purchase entitles you to free support and updates in the future. It is the responsibility of the customer to check back for updates. We do not do this for you. If you are a customer and want an updated version, simply send us an email and we would be happy to send you the update free.
  • Your purchase entitles you to use this indicator with no expiration date.
  • Your purchase entitles you to use this indicator on 5 different account numbers total. The broker, server, and type of account does not matter. If you use more than 5 account numbers, you will need to purchase again.
  • After payment, email us your account number(s) that you want this indicator to work on. You do not need to use all 5 account numbers at once. You can wait to use the remaining account numbers at a later time.
  • There are no refunds. Ask any questions and see examples before paying. Once payment is received, it is final.

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